Mostly Music


Our publications fall into three categories, the first of these described on subsequent pages: (a) Study Booklets (Musical History Topics), (b) other Study Booklets (Musical Analysis, Aural/Oral skills, Sight-Reading, Harmony & Counterpoint), (c) Performing Editions of Renaissance sacred and secular music, and (d) Original Compositions and Arrangements.  Copies of those Study Booklets listed are available to special order (price on application).

The Study Booklets listed were all written by Roger Wilkes.  They were originally designed for students and teachers preparing for GCE Advanced Level Music examinations, though they should still have a wider interest and relevance, both for teachers and students involved with the various A Level Music syllabuses, and also for university/conservatoire undergraduates, for those preparing for other examinations (e.g., music diplomas; graded examinations of ABRSM, TCL etc.); for performers; and for serious music-lovers and informed listeners. All of these are available to special order only.  

The catalogue of Music Editions is being revised, for ease of ordering from us directly. These items are available in score format, also with a complete set of parts.  Please follow the Link above for full details of these, and of Original Compositions & Arrangements.  We will continue to add to this list during the coming months.