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                                     MUSIC STUDY BOOKLETS

These booklets deal with topics of musical history, analysis, harmony and counterpoint, aural and oral skills, and sight-reading for singers.  Items currently available, in their original versions, are:


Early Romantic Music: Schubert & the Lied; Mendelssohn Orchestral Music ;

Music from 1650 to 1759: Purcell Odes; and the Concerto Grosso

Music from 1830 to 1897: Schumann Song Cycles; and the Symphonic Poem;

Renaissance Music from 1450 to 1594;

The Italian and English Madrigal in the 16th and 17th centuries;

The Concerto from Corelli to Mozart (c1690-c1791);

The Piano Sonata in the Classical Period (c1750-c1830);     

Lieder from Schubert to Brahms;

Russian Music from Glinka to Balakirev;

The Music of Debussy and Ravel;

British Music from 1945 to the Present Day;  

The Baroque Cantata, Oratorio and Passion;

The Concert Symphony till 1805;  

The 19th-century Symphonic Poem & Descriptive Overture;            

English Music from 1550 till 1650;              

The String Quartet in the Classical Period (c1750-c1830);  

Piano Music from Chopin to Brahms;

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